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Recipe Time: Frenchy Filipino Toast

Submitted by on November 1, 2009 – 3:37 pm13 Comments

ALRIGHT. I admit it. I‘ve eaten at far too many eateries that I’ve neglected Recipe Time, choosing the luxury of being served as opposed to cleaning up the messy trail I leave behind in the kitchen.

The other issue is trying to collate all of my cooking photos and remembering what goes with what. *Organising the images into relevant folders is noted in the ‘to do list’ as you’re reading.

Being in the mood for French toast this weary morning, peering out the window with Creamy the cat, we both agreed that staying in was the preferred choice.


I choose to use Pandesal rather than a standard white loaf.  Following similar techniques that were learned from the Spanish, Pandesal is a popular Filipino slightly sweet bread roll. It is made with flour, eggs, yeast, butter, sugar and salt.


Eaten primarily for breakfast, it is usually served freshly baked accompanied by sardines, eggs, bacon etc… When I was little, I used to dip in coffee or Milo. Actually, I still do!

Zee Ingredients:

3 eggs- preferably free range so the yolk is more likely to be bright orange

2 Pandesal rolls. Available in Filipino Grocery stores

1 tablespoon of full cream milk or melted vanilla ice cream

1 teaspoon of salt

125gms of butter

Maple syrup

The procedure:

  • Scramble all 3 eggs into a bowl (large enough to cater for the 2 rolls) and stir in milk or melted ice cream and salt. The reason why I use ice-cream is purely for the creaminess, sweetness and vanilla flavour. Stir well to combine. No sugar is required as Pandesal is already sweet


  • Heat pan to a medium heat and smother with butter. I usually chuck in 125gms but if you care about your health, a thin layer would do.


  • Slice the Pandesal in halves


  • Get dirty and use your hands by placing 1 slice at a time into the bowl to let each side soak up the egg mixture.


  • Place the coated pieces onto the hot buttered skillet/pan giving each side roughly 2 minutes or until a golden brown is achieved.


You’ve been served


The exterior should be golden brown with a definite crisp with the centre being fluffy and moist. Serve with maple syrup or a dust of sugar and cinnamon combined.

Had the weather been a little better, a trip to Eden Espresso for their French Toast would have been on the agenda. Never mind, the buds (taste buds) are now satisfied. Time to hit the gym now…

How do you make your French Toast?

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