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Recipe Time: Charcoal BBQ Porky Pork Chops & Corn

Submitted by on January 13, 2010 – 12:37 pm13 Comments

When it comes to pork on the grill, there’s that risk of cough worthy dryness. So dry in fact, that the tough bits get stuck in between your teeth. There’s nothing worse than hearing one of your guests politely say “It’s a little dry.” Not in my kitchen fool! Meanwhile, I always seem to get meat stuck on my top right molar which is another story, and one that is more suited towards a dentist.


To resolve this dilemma, the less time they spend on the grill, the better. To do this, we boil the hunk of meat.

This recipe is another family gem and is better cooked by the kitchen master, my Mum! Nonetheless, I’m always willing to give it a go.

Zee Ingredients

1 Kg Pork Chops with fat. Don’t trim off these jewels.





4 cloves of garlic

Fresh Corn Cobs

The Procedure


The Pork

Add enough water to fill half a standard pot. Whilst that’s heating up, chuck those juicy buggers (the pork chops) into a large bowl. Coat each piece with the crushed garlic then season well with salt and pepper. Add six table spoons of white vinegar and combine with your hands.

Seal the bowl with cling wrap and set it aside in the fridge for ten minutes. During this waiting game, you may choose to hoover down a fudge brownie whilst slow dancing to Prince’s Beautiful Ones. Well, the latter being optional. Everyone has their own cooking music.

Now, after realising that your neighbors’ have been watching your terrible dance moves through the window, you may proceed to bring the chops to a boil for no longer than 8 minutes. TIP: Prick to ensure there’s no blood. This is enough time to lock in the flavour. Refrain from over boiling. Take out meat, drizzle with oil and wrap in aluminum foil.

The Corn

Peel off husks and soak in water for 10 minutes to provide moisture during cooking and lightly dry. Set up the BBQ. I’ve chosen to cook over the good old charcoal beads.  Who needs gas?

The Grillin

Considering the pork chops have already been cooked to tenderness, grilling time is minimal. As a guide, four to five minutes on each side should be sufficient. TIP: If you’re a crackling addict like me; you can strip these off and leave to cook on their own for a little longer.


Meanwhile, simply place the corn over medium heat with no oil or butter continually rotating to prevent charring. When ready, a few pricks to a few kernels will burst out their juice.


You’ve been served!

The result? On your plate, the pork chops should be smokey and juicy with a mouth watering tang compliments of the vinegar. The corn must be lathered with butter. In fact, why not soak it in butter. Kidding…..sort of…

DSC00590I’ll give you two minutes fool!!

So um, what’s your cooking music?

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