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The Steak Battles- Meat & Wine Co vs. Feddish

Submitted by on October 20, 2009 – 12:07 pm12 Comments

LET me just start by saying that steak is king and can easily eat it everyday- please don’t dare me though. My friends have recently called a strike against letting me choose what cuisine we should eat, for the fear that I’ll again suggest: steak.  Meanwhile, they had no regrets once they’d sunken their carnivorous teeth into the piece of meat huh.

meat & win co 2Go on..lick the screen..or wipe up your drool. Above: Meat & wine Co.

What cut?

Up until recently, I’ve always been a porterhouse man. However, my taste buds have become bored of this cut. Like a dog, they need a bone. Although a little more mulala is required, I’m more than happy to dig deep into the pockets for a Rib Eye on the bone.

How do I like it cooked?

I don’t mind a little blood so medium rare cooked to perfection is first choice. Most places will generally cook to at least this level anyways.

Due to dimly lit steakhouses and my refusal to use  the flash on meat, I regrettably only have a few ‘meat worthy’ photos that have made the cut as food porn.


Over the last two weeks, I’ve ventured across my residential CBD hood in search of the next meaty contenders for The Food Battles. Get your bibs and floss ready.

Contender #1 – Feddish

Details: Shop 23a Swanston St Melbourne, 3000 Phone: (03) 9654 5855 (google map)


Surroundings: Slightly on the formal side, but for those looking for a more causal place, Feddish provides a mean soundtrack with some funky tracks from the likes of James Brown and other old skool rnb greats playing in the background.  There’s also an alfresco dining area with views of the Yarra River and a large bar for all your liquor desires.


The Meat: For some odd reason I had a one second inclination to go for the snapper. I don’t what had come over me. Slap! My eyes then wondered over to the words- Onion Rings. Fortunately, it was within the same line item as the Rib Eye on the bone. I must have some good karma stocked up huh?!


Presented like a work of art, the golden onion rings beautifully crowned the top. It brought tears to my eyes.

The meat was tender, not so chewy with that crisp exterior that makes that subtle crunch/rip sound as the knife blade makes its initial impact. A true carnivore would listen out for this. You shouldn’t have to work hard in slicing the meat- unless the meat is of subpar quality of course.


The red wine jus and salsa verde added their tang to the party as did the deliciously hand cut chips which were shaped like large wedges. The other highlight was the chewing of the chargrilled bone to to its meatless existence…I have no shame of course.

Bring a date here? For sheeow.

Would your friends like it? Eating a damn good steak outside by the Yarra. Hell, no convincing required.

Service: Quick and courteous.

$$$: 29

Food Rehab Verdict: Sent me to food rehab (book this place now! Wowzer) – Greenlight

Feddish on Urbanspoon

Contender #2 – Meat & Wine Co

Details: Freshwater Pl 3 Queensbridge St Southbank, 3006 Phone: (03) 9696 5333 (google map)

Surroundings: The main dining area becomes all alfresco with the awnings pulled up during the summer months. Upstairs, the bar is also used as a waiting area. The first time I ate here we waited an hour, happily experimenting with various concoctions.

meat & win co 3

The Meat: Rump served with handcut chips. The flame grilled meat was juicy, revealing a perfectly red centre with a sweet smokey glaze. However, the chips were the highlight. Probably the best steak chips I’ve had in Melbourne.

Light and fluffy goodness protected by its golden crisp armor. The blue cheese dipping sauce was creamy and mouth watering. No speckle was left behind.

Hawaiian Burger: A generously sized juicy pattie was also flame grilled and also came with those delectable chips.

meat & win co

Bring a date here? Well, in here, not a meatlover=starvation

Would your friends like it? As above.

Service: Courteous.

$$$: Steak 20 lunch special

Food Rehab Verdict: Sent me to food rehab (book this place now! Wowzer) – Greenlight

Meat & Wine on Urbanspoon

Which steak reigned supreme?

This was a hard decision as both were  equally meataliscious. However, being value driven especially when it comes to dining out, Feddish takes the crown. A good quality  rib eye on the bone for less than $30 is great value and with the added bonus of onion rings- who could resist? A teaser to the eyes and a pleaser to the taste buds! A rarity these days…

Share your steak experiences and tell me where to go next!

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  • I heart the Meat & Wine Co. Especially the kangaroo there.

    I would recommend The Grill Room, or Squires Loft. Same menu, ribs are SO good, and steak is always awesome there!

    PS: I LOVED Julie & Julia!

    • Adrian says:

      Hey Michele- Yes, I love the Grill Room! I used to work nearby to the one on Queens Rd but I think it’s now Squires Loft . But if its the same menu, I’m there! Love how they serve the meat on the grill plate with the loaded baked potato! mmmmm….meat…

      Julia & Julia- how funny was it! I guess that’s the beauty of cooking- no matter how old or young you are, it’s never too early or late to pursue.

  • Squires loft isn’t too bad and also Rockpool but it is pricey. I like steaks but I do not love it. I rather have meat in stews. Laziness to chew maybe? hehehee

    btw, I love the onion ring stack!

    • Adrian says:

      Hey Penny- ha, I know what you mean. But like most males I know, we love our steaks I guess! LOL The only thing bad about eating steak is getting it stuck in between your damn teeth! Steak = Floss

      Yes, the onion rings were off the hook. Deep fried goodness!

  • Leona says:

    I like meat wine & co. when I want a good steak and their cups are beaut!.

    Cant believe im going to say this but years ago I used to only eat meat that was well-done as in soo charcoaled when i throw it.. it would turn into ninja discs LOL!..

    Thank the heavens my tastes changed. Great post and photos

    • Adrian says:

      Hey Leona- haha- that’s hilarious. A friend of mine also likes it well done with no speckle of blood. I shiver thinking of the dryness. How do you like them now?

      Meat & Wine Co is great. Their Wagyu Rump was also great, but of course the photos I had wern’t the best. Damn lighting!


  • Rilsta says:

    I am funny with my steak – I will eat it out at restaurants, but not at home! It just never tastes the same at home!

    That ribeye from Feddish looks great. Will have to go check it out.

    • Adrian says:

      Hey April- I’m exactly the same. I haven’t cooked a steak at home for months. Not only because of the taste but because of the mess! I bought a skillet for the sole purpose of satisfying my steak cravings, but it ended up splattering way to much grease around. My poor kitchen has suffered enough cruelty on my behalf.

      And smoke alarm….poor thing has run out of battery several times! LOL

  • Tom says:

    I’m a steak lover too, however I’ve never really been impressed with Meat and Wine co.

    The quality of the steaks & how they’re cooked is often dissapointing.

    For best steaks – I love the Station Hotel (Footscray), Pure South and of most without question, Rockpool too.

    I also tried The Butchers Grill recently. It’s a great place, although a bit pricey, try going on a Tuesday!

    • Adrian says:

      Hey Tom/fellow meat lover- I’ve been to Meat & Wine Co twice and devoured the rump, rib eye and wagyu rump. I understand what you mean- for the price you pay, I did expect a little better. The standard Rib eye for for example was about $37 compared to the version at Feddish $29 which was excellent value. I must admit though, I loved the smokey/sweet glaze at Meat & Wine co. LOL

      I checked out your delectable pics at Pure South. The porterhouse looked yum but the Lamb cutlets looked “computer screen lickable”. I might go check that place out.

      Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Tom says:

    Also try and check out The Station Hotel

    It’s got quality steaks for good prices :)
    .-= Tom´s last blog ..Station Hotel Footscray =-.

    • Adrian says:

      Hey Tom- A colleague of mine tried out their steak last Thursday night and loved it. He also mentioned that the snapper was also delish. So Station Hotel is on my list. Funnily, the only time I go to Footscray is for the Pho or some mixed ham rolls at Nhu Lan Bakery…yum!!

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