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Rehabworthy: Traditional Crusty Baguettes, Continental Deli

Submitted by on August 11, 2011 – 10:39 am41 Comments

I’ve discovered some suburban gems I wanted to share with you – one that is close to work on the eastside and the other being near my place in the westside. These babies don’t share the same cuisine. However, they do have one thing in common, in that they aren’t dine in restaurants but rather take away joints serving up some of Melbourne’s best charcoal chicken and a humble little deli owned and operated by a mom and pop not a corporation, who don’t need a press conference just a conversation for word of mouth to spread about their baguettes.

I work in the burbs but am fortunate to be relatively close to a variety of restaurants along Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to work in the CBD, but I count my blessings knowing that there are a few gems along the strip that I frequent such as the uber French patisserie La Tropezienne (macaron heaven), Italian fare at Rococo ( their Ricotta Gnocchi in Tomato Sugo has me screaming…woah!) and the hearty beef bugnion pie at Depot De Pain that seems to rid my Mondayitis. I mention these restaurants because for some strange reason, I rarely to blog about anything near my work despite eating at these restaurants several times a week.

Being at work, these photos were taken with my mobile phone…

The best baguettes in melbourneProsciutto, Sundried tomato pesto, swiss cheese

Continental Deli, hidden away inside the arcade, has been trading for more than 30 years. In addition to stocking local and imported European delights from jams, biscotti, baklava to fresh pasta and spices, they also serve up some larger than life sized baguettes (aka Sfilatino in Italian) filled with whatever you fancy on the day from salami, prosciutto, chicken, turkey, basil pest, tomato pesto, olives, eggplant and three kinds of cheeses.

If you think a Subway foot long is big, they got nothing on these bad boys can be either be used as a weapon during cos play or can easily be shared between two people.

How I came about finding the deli was actually quite funny. I was on the hunt for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream one lunch hour and was told Continental Deli was the nearest outlet! I then saw a bunch of uni students walking out with these mammoth sized bread sticks and being the curious creature that I am, I asked myself “Surely they’re all not heading to a damn picnic?!”

Continental Deli Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

The simple combination of ingredients laden on your choice of either a crusty freshly baked white bread roll or sourdough has made this meal my weekly ritual. A perfect take on the less is more approach and it works. Devouring one of these gems gives you an insight into how the Italians prepare and eat bread. A staple in Italy, bread usually accompanies all meals. On that, I love the aroma of the freshly cut sourdough, the sounds of the knife cutting into its crusty soul and tearing away at it my all my teeth’s might. Such a pleasure to eat – a wee bit messy though, but worth the crumbed trail.

My favourite combinations include:

  • Prosciutto, Sundried tomato pesto, swiss cheese – a combination of tangy and salty flavours.
  • Turkey, capsicum pesto, eggplant and cheddar cheese

To order, you must follow the system:

  1. Look for the order form to the left-hand side  of the counter
  2. Choose from up to 3 fillings for $5, 4 fillings $6 or go wild with 5 for $7.
  3. Circle your choices and take this to the counter when handing over your benjamins
  4. Wander around the deli drooling over specialty biscuits, ice creams and chocolates whilst you wait for your name to be called

How to order from Continental Deli, Hawthorn

So what are ya waiting for? If you’re in the Hawthorn area, venture into the Woolworths arcade and take a bite out of this crunchy delight!

Next time on Food Rehab: Remember that amazing charcoal chicken I mentioned earlier? Don’t fret, that post is coming right up mama. In the meantime, check out my other posts on Melbourne’s Hotspots under $20.

Zee Details

Continental Deli

676 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Phone: 03 9819 6645

Continental Deli on Urbanspoon

So um, where else can I find some kick ass baguettes in Melbourne?

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Keep eating,


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