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How to Eat Like You’ll Never See Food Again: FEASTivities 2011!

Submitted by on December 25, 2011 – 1:49 pm40 Comments

I’m sure you can agree with me when I say that this year has seriously had it’s accelerator all the way down. It feels like only like yesterday when I was writing up a post for all the Christmas gatherings in 2010. To date, I’ve had five pre-Christmas parties with four consecutive night outs of food and booze which also meant a week long aftermath with a thumping hangover still lingering.

My mantra during the holidays: “EAT LIKE YOU’LL NEVER SEE FOOD AGAIN!” ….

Creamy the cat devouring her Christmas Pressie Creamy the cat lookin all crazaay devouring her Christmas Pressie. Abit like me when it comes to food I guess.

FEASTivities 2011 (not counting work parties)

1. Neighborhood Christmas Party

2. A Meaty Argentinian, Filipino and Chinese BBQ

3. Christmas with the Family

4. Ivanhoe Christmas Street Lights

5. Food Blogger Christmas Picnic

6. Waking up to La Belle Miette Macarons

7. Still to come: Another Christmas BBQ in countdown 5 hours……

Neighborhood Christmas Party

The onslaught of eatathons begun at my mum’s Neighborhood Christmas Party which has been been running for an incredible 7 years now and looking at the turn out at this year’s event, I think next year we’ll need two spit roast pigs.

santaEven Santa makes an appearance!

Me preparing the BBQhmmm…someone hungover (ME!) forgot to bring their BBQ utensils.. (explained later on)

As with every year, the main attraction of the party is the Lechon (spit roast pig) and to make it even better, this time round, we had an electric carving knife – at my request. I tell you folks, this invention is life saving. You see, I somehow end up with the carving duties and by the end of the day, after slicing and strategically distributing the crackling, my hands are absolutely knackered!

carving up lechon

Everyone in the neighborhood contributes to the raffle with prizes ranging from king sized hampers to bottles of wine as well as toys and lollies for the kiddies.

raffle prizes

10Mum giving a welcome speachMum giving a welcome speech

What’s great about the neighborhood, is the cultural diversity so on the buffet table you have dumplings, Greek desserts and arancini balls to pasta, curries and spring rolls.  So good.

Santa even makes a visit bringing his jolly swager handing out choccies to all the kiddies and yes, even the adults.

Food really does bring people together.

spring rollsmince pies

Very good brownies

Leche FlanVietnamese prawn and pork rollsDSC_0104Cupcakes!

A Meaty Argentinian, Filipino and Chinese BBQ

Last weekend, my mates threw one mighty BBQ at their place in the far eastside of town. Thankfully, they also had one sweet deck at the back that provided some needed shade during the balmy weather and where we plopped ourselves for several hours. I brought Cookie the beagle along with me  to play with their two doggies – a Rottweiler named Apollo and a little one named Wesley who couldn’t get enough of Cookie. I swear I caught them humping more than few times! Horny buggers!

The Christmas table spreadAn festive table spread by my friend Saks

Apollo, Wesley and Cookie awaiting a treat

My mate Jason, who is Argentinian, prepared a heavy load of  Beef Asado. So simple with just a dash of salt beforehand, the meat was flamed up into a juicy state and cooked medium rare.

I made some homemade Tocino using a mix of pork belly and chops- curing the meat with my homemade mix for 4 days resulting in a sticky, sweet and perfectly charred batch of meat. The dogs were going wild!!!

Porl Belly Tocino

My other friend Sam made some Chinese soy based chicken wings that we also put on the barby to smoke up. The dessert platter was epic with little morsels and cherries. We started cooking in the afternoon, sat outside chatting and drinking under some pretty cool lanterns then finished up at 2am…comatosed on the couch watching Kick Ass whilst I counted the numerous mosquito bites I had. Wah! For some reason, mozzies go weak for my blood.

Christmas tree at a friend's house

Christmas with the Family

AYE CURUMBA! Despite being a small family, my mum  insists on making two massive Orange and Honey Glazed hams amongst other things like eggplant, prawns, crab, green mango salad, Daang (fish) and don’t get me started on dessert . My brother and I would always say “Who’s gonna eat all this?” It’s funny how tradition overrides logic and practicality.


One thing I do look forward to is my mum’s Daeng that I’d describe as candied fish. It can be made in many ways, but this version is the best – smoked, charred, sweet and beautifully crisp.

4 hour cooked Orange and Honey Glazed Ham by mum4 hour cooked Orange and Honey Glazed Ham by mum

4 hour cooked Orange and Honey Glazed Ham by mum close up

Ivanhoe Boulevard Lights

I guess I’ve started my own tradition – every year, my friends and I would make a visit to the Ivanhoe Boulevard Lights in action. It’s one of the few ways to get yourself into the festive spirit and with all the amazing houses all lit up, it’s hard not to. There are carolers, hotdog and ice cream vans and a tonne of other revelers.


This house used to be the most decorated- resembling a gingerbread house. However, this year, they seem to have taken a less is more approach. Nonetheless, still an amazing effort. Loved the candy canes.

ivanhoe christmas lights

ivanhoe christmas lights house

The nutcracker at the Ivanhoe Christmas lights

ivanhoe boulevard christmas lightsMY favourite house at ivanhoe christmas lights

My favourite house at Ivanhoe Christmas lights

ivanhoe christmas lights santa

Food Blogger Christmas Picnic

The feasting continued at the Bloggers Xmas Picnic which began at a local park and continued at Agnes’ joint where we shamefully did a Singstar/Karaoke session. At Msihua’s request, I made an English Trifle that weighed a tonne. This time round, I added even more Frangelico as we could hardly taste any last time. Though, I didn’t mind it either way considering how much booze I had drunk at the Christmas celebrations the 3 nights beforehand! I woke up at the crack of dawn to construct the Trifle….hungover then quickly got dressed and put on my big sunglasses to cover up my sorry state.

Christmas Trifle
English Trifle

Consider this the new and improved Trifle with more layers, more custard, more fruit and with so much alcohol you can light it up. I also brought in some marinated Pork Belly that I ended up barbequing with a plastic fork because I forgot to bring the essentials.  Oh, if anyone got a photo of this, please email me! :) So preoccupied, I didn’t take as many photos as I should have. Weird, I know!

DSC_0269Barbequing with a plastic fork. WIN. Not… (ping Sporkette)

food bloggers gather

My memory was in a bad state on that day but I believe Ashley made the addictive cured salmon (below) and chocolate banana bread (so good), Thanh drummed up the fruitylicious baked cheesecake, Bianca baked some hot hot hot potatoes and spicy hummus, Brian made some pretty jellies filled with fruit and Kat created a great antipasto platter.  There was also some lamb by Agnes, cauliflower rice, avocado, coriander and celery salad by Msihua – fellow bloggers, please let me know who made the other gems!!! LOL


Fake Rice

Bloggers trying to be healthy…



So that wraps up my Christmas adventures.I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Habbby New Year. Keep safe but partay hard.

Christmas Morning

I woke up this Christmas morning with the best suprise pressie, a special batch of macarons given by La Belle Miette’s pastry chef! Thank you! After a morning jog with Cookie (in the rain…wah) I cooked up a BIG BREKKIE with some leftover ham, eggplant, tomatoes from the neighbour’s garden and some eggs.

La Belle Miette macarons

Bring on 2012!!!!!! Ye Ye Ye wha wha!

So um, what did you get up to?

If you’re not already signed up for updates from Food Rehab, get on the list and I’ll do my best to keep us learning about none-other than glorious, GLORIOUS food! Also, follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you have either of those addictive things.

Keep eating,


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