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Your Top 5 Eats of THA Moment? Trippy Fries + Food Rehab Mobile App Released

Submitted by on September 23, 2012 – 12:44 pm33 Comments

Munchaaay, Munchaaay! That was the sweet sound of the last few moons, as food, or should I say, good food acted as my parachute, saving me from potential bouts of ‘cray cray. ‘ I’m telling you, hot items like the crumbly raspberry tart from Fatto a Manno (below), the Sweet Corn Temale at Trippy Taco, the truffle infused honey on Bruny Island cheese at The Point to the Deep Fried Pork Belly aka Lechón kawali in Filipino at Dahon Gourmet Tea Lounge – gave me instant happiness. Lechón kawali is twice cooked –  simmered with bay leaves, garlic and then fried up until crispaaaay. It’s amazing with steamed rice, a yolky fried egg and dipping sauce. It appeals to anyone who craves pork belly and for those who haven’t tried Filipino food, this would be your opportunity to drop it like it’s hot.

The above and the morsels highlighted below were my sunset when everything else seemed too hard. All I had to do was open my Luna Park sized mouth and whuuoopaah, nothing else existed, mattered even, for that precious moment of sugar bombed bliss.

sweet corn temale at trippy tacoThe Sweet Corn Temale at Trippy Taco

Raspberry Tart at Fatto N MannoRaspberry Tart from  Fatto a Manno, 228 Gertrude Street  Fitzroy

Fatto a Mano on Urbanspoon

Now, onto the bizzur. I’ll give you a rundown of what I’ve been eating and you tell me what’s been feeding your tummy’s soul. Again, the rules are that it could be something you’ve cooked or eaten at a restaurant. Anything. Hell it could have been some muesli bar or cookie you had during your 3:30itis at work.  Though I do ask of one thing – anything but a can of tuna at work please!

Drop a comment or if you wanna tweet it to me, use the hashtag #top5eats

#1 EATS: Lamb Rack at Bistro Guillaume

For the second time within the last week, friends and I caught up for ‘Yea we’re on annual leave!’  lunches at Bistro Guillaume, located in Crown. If you’ve been seeing my tweets, you would have seen images of their beautifully seasoned Steak Tartare that had a group of once poised peeps turn into something Gangsta Gran won’t be proud of.  It was hard deciding what would make it to the Top 5 Eats, but as were were contently chewing on their sirloin steak (done very nicely mind you), but what had me spitting chips at yo face was Bistro Guillaume’s Lamb Rack on a bed of roses on ratatouille and tapenade. They ran out of zucchini flower that day but regardless of that subtraction, I was too caught up gnawing  the on the perfectly pink and perfectly tender ‘all fatty in the right places’ lamb that had my friends all envious.  Being such a good friend, I offered a piece. Only one. It was way too valuable to just share willy nilly.

lamb rack bistro guillaumeI will not share you again…neveeeer again!

Bistro Guillaume on Urbanspoon

#2 EATS: Dessert at Beef, Butter, Truffles & Wine Dinner at The Point

In amongst all the variety of shaved truffles (Manjimup, Braidwood) atop a brilliant Moondarra grass fed Tajima steak and single origin Pepe Saya Butter spread on bread then infused into poached prawns,  it was a very daunting task having to choose just the one dish to feature. It’s like choosing between whipped cream and strawberries, they must be served together dammit. Like most meals at The Point, all the dishes that night were solid. But, as you all know, I am and will always be, a dessert tragic. I speak in tongues lemon tarts and cream. The language of sugar fiends.

The last course, as part of the six part degustation at The Point called Beef, Butter, Truffles & Wine was the Michel Cluziel white chocolate and lemon ganache, mint, meringue and milk sorbet was the crowd winner that night. The table went ape.  We were already blown away by the prior courses but the refreshing milk sorbet paired with the ganache awoke our senses and prompted more sips of the final wine, and my fave of the night, the 2012 Oliver’s Taranga Moscato, Mclaren Vale SA. I like my moscato’s – light,  crisp, tasting like Summer and just the right amount of sweetness and for me, can go with any meal.

It was a fun filled night and was fantastic meeting each of the the producers. It’s all about the story behind each product that make them so special. It was also nice chatting to the always lovely Rita Erlich again who gave Ed and I a little sneak peak into her just released book Melbourne by Menu.

Dessert at The Point albert ParkLittle dollops of heaven. Like a cloud, we floated away into this sweet, sweet bliss

The Point Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Food Rehab was invited as a guest to attend The Point thanks to The Point


The Point
Aquatic Dr  Albert Park Lake VIC 3206
Phone: (03) 9682 5566

#3 EATS: BBQ Chicken Wings at Rose Diner

It was my final day of annual leave so I wanted to go out like a true glut. Tempted to visit yet another new cafe, my inner urge for comfort food took over and as expected, won. One place I’ve been wanting to go to was Rose Diner and Bar. The selection of meals here are actually inspired by Stephen Drake’s (Head Chef)  mum’s home cooking so I took one big pre-eat stretch before the fun began. Located on the corner of Bridge and Bay Street, Port Melbourne, I took this opportunity to also explore the area I once frequently roamed having worked nearby.

Rose Diner BBQ Chicken

The menu is designed around sharing but also catering to those want their own meal. Berreeave me, I’ve got a few friends who refuse to share their meals. So sad but it doesn’t stop me from insisting they give me taste if I ‘likey likey’ what they’re having! Fortunately today. my homeboy agreed to share everything so we grabbed a collection of items like the Jaffles with corned beef and melted cauliflower cheese, the burger and hellow… BBQ Chicken Wings topped with blue cheese and two celery heart wands. For something so simple, It had so much depth and flavour. It was hella messy as I mopped up all the sweet and smokey sauce not too mention the slobs of cheese with each juicy piece but what warped my overdrive was dipping the hand cut fries that came with the burgers into the sticky situation turning them into semi-loaded fries! Genius comes when you’re in food ecstasy. Fact. Residents of the area must be waving their hands in the ayer.

rose diner

Rose Diner and Bar on Urbanspoon

#4 EATS: Chicken at Shed 5

As the name suggests, Shed 5 was indeed a shed. *duh!* Rewind a few years back, the South Wharf district was dead. And I mean, no one would have walked that way to eat! More recently, the area has been booming despite the winter trade with noteable restaurants like  Akachochin (try their miso eggplant, chicken wing dumplings, sesame pannacotta),  The Sharing House and The Bohemian just to name a few doing a good trade despite the ghastly weather which is exciting to see. But more recently, Shed 5 opened it’s doors and I was invited to attend a menu tasting. Going by the experience I had during a great progressive dinner at a number the surrounding eateries some months ago, I had no hesitation.

chicken at Shed 5

You would have thought I’d highlight the Spiced Halva Semifreddo with it’s bloody good salted caramel and ricotta doughnut but, the Bannockburn Half Chicken just blew me away. I loved everything about the dish from the roasted chestnut dolmades, the oh so crispy skin to it’s overall juiciness which I found hard to believe searching for that dry bit LOL. Not to be found! The secret? Soaking the chook in the brine for a few hours then setting it alight in the wood fired oven.


Shed 5
37 Dukes Walk (37 South Wharf Promenade)
South Wharf, VIC 3006
Phone: 03 9686 1122
Shed 5 on Urbanspoon

Food Rehab was invited as a guest thanks to Shed 5

#5 EATS: The Queen Tier of all Tiers at The Terrace, Dilmah High Tea

Hosted by way cool Chef Peter Kuruvita, Monday’s High ‘Charitea’ was a chance for Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando and his son, Dilhan C. Fernando to talk about their MJF Foundation and Dilmah Conservation work. Apart from talking tea (of course), they spoke with so much heart as they inspired the whole room with their stories – how they help struggling communities back home in Sri Lanka.

It was unreal to know they help so many people become entrepreneurs in their own right rather than just giving money away hoping for the best. It empowers the recipient to take action and to make a living out of his or her chosen craft so they may become self sufficient.  Amazing guys. Spread the word!

High Tea at The Terrace Royal Botanical gardens High Tea at The Terrace Royal Botanical gardens

As part of the high tea, The Terrace in the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens served up an incredible tier filled with scones with vanilla bean dotted cream, macarons, baklava, chocolate coated sweet strawberries and more accompanied by Dilmah’s tea range. Loved the mellowness of the Uda Watte tea. No milk or sugar required.

scones with jam and cream at The Terrace aw yeah…

The Terrace on Urbanspoon

Food Rehab was invited as a guest to attend the Dilmah High Tea thanks to Dilmah

#Worthy of a mention: Fries and Corn Temale at Trippy Tacos

Randomly found as I was buying some bread at Fatto A Manno, was a joint called Trippy Tacos right next door yo. All I wanna say is the seasoned shoestring ‘Trippy Fries’ are way too good to not get a mention in my Top 5 Eats of THA Moment. A mix of slightly sweet and salty, one basket as not enough. We also grabbed a Sweet Corn Temale steamed in a corn husk – also a killer. Think piping hot mashed up sweet corn with a squeeze of zesty lime. WOOOP! My mission over the next few weeks? Venture down this way more often fools!

Trippy Taco Friessweet corn temale at trippy taco


Trippy Taco
234 Gertrude Street  Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone: (03) 9415 7711
Trippy Taco on Urbanspoon

Introducing the NEW Food Rehab Mobile App!

Some exciting news! Last week, I launched the new Food Rehab iPhone and Android App.

It’s platform is based on one that is developed by a New York startup – Appguppy who had emailed me asking if I were interested. I totally forgot about it until I started working on an iphone and Android app release project at my day job which prompted me to get started on creating one for myself. Appgubby didn’t pay me or offer any incentives to do so. After doing some research, my interest grew. I actually liked the process and the features of the app. In addition to integrating your blog updates, it also integrates your Twitter feed, Facebook Wall, Tumblr, Flickr and Youtube videos.

The whole idea is to distribute the app through your own social media channels rather than the traditional way of making it available through the itunes store. I know first hand about the tedious and at times, lengthy certification process of getting your iphone app approved in itunes so I quite like the idea of spreading the word about your app independently via your blog, Facebook, Twitter.

Food Rehab mobile appLeft to right: blog updates, facebook wall, twitter updates and videos

I was chatting to Trisha from Sugarlace and we both agreed that this could be the blogger’s new ‘RSS.’ In fact, it’s much better.You get both the blog’s full RSS feed with images as well as their Facebook and Twitter updates all in one easy to access app on your snazzy ass smartphone. Another reason to bury your head in your mobile as you walk the streets bumping into people! LOL. Of course, much of your audience would still prefer to keep up to date with your blog’s happenings through their RSS feed, desktop PC etc…Building an app just gives them more options. Judging from my company’s success in the .mobi and app realm where .mobi page impressions are outdoing our competitor’s desktop sites, developing a mobile app for your blog or company is more than just a great idea, it’s a necessity.

Do it.

Click here to download my app for your mobile FREE.


So they were my Top 5 Eats of THA moment. What are yours?

If you’re not already signed up for updates from Food Rehab, get on the list and I’ll do my best to keep us learning about none-other than glorious, GLORIOUS food! Also, follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you have either of those addictive things.

Keep eating…LIKE CRAZAAY!


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