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Spicy Banana Ketchup Cheesy Sausage Rolls

Submitted by on July 13, 2014 – 10:13 am8 Comments

Shut.Up. Yo, it’s mid July?!

Aaaaahhh know I’ve struggled to mention anything remotely great about winter, but there’s one place that mega EATUUURRRS like me tend to appreciate more in the colder months – THE KITCHEN! Why?! Let’s see, we got some fan forced oven action warming up the room filling the air with the smell of sunday roast and in the mornings, we get to thaw our hands over the toaster. In fact, just going off Instagram alone, you can always depend on an endless stream of baking posts. See! It ain’t all bad – just don’t go outside lol. Plonk yourself down on the couch, watch some trashy TV and eat cake or in this case, hot sausage rolls.

When I think of sausage rolls, I think of primary school. The time when $1 would buy you a whole sausage roll, a prima juice and you would order it by stuffing a brown paper bag with coinage and  giving it to the amazing tuckshop ladies. Good times.

For my sausage roll recipe, I used Banana Ketchup. You’re probably thinking, what the heck is that?! Popular back home in the Philippines, it is made from mashed up bananas, spices, garlic and is sweeter than ketchup but has the same texture. Despite the name, it doesn’t really taste like bananas but it does pack a little spicy punch which is exactly why I go bizerk over it.

spicy sausage roll recipe banana ketchup

Zee Ingredients

Serves 6 absolute pigs

For the filling

300 grms Pork Mince (I’m not biased, I’m not biased, ok yes, I’m not biased!)

200 grams beef mince (not lean!!!)

3 red chilies minced

1/2 cup of Banana ketchup (avail at Filipino grocers)

4 cloves garlic (crushed)

1 onion diced finely

1 handful of chopped parsley

Salt and black pepper

1/2 teaspoon of sweet paprika

1 egg, beaten

1 cup of breadcrumbs

1 grated zucchini

1 grated carrot

A handful of grated cheddar cheese

For the pastry

Ready rolled puff pastry thawed ( I swear by Careme Puff Pastry..buttery goodness)

1 tablespoon of sesame seeds to sprinkle over pastry

1 egg yolk  and 1 tablespoon of dollop cream for the egg wash to make them nice and golden. Milk will do but I get good results with cream plus I luuuurve cream!

sausage rolls with sesame seeds up high

sausage rolls with sesame seeds

Zee Procedure

1. Preheat yo oven to 180C (fan forced). Grab yo large bowl and add the mince, cheese, onion, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, banana ketchup, paprika, chilli, zucchini and carrot. Using your hands, combine well until the meat has evenly soaked up all the ingredients. Add the rest – breadcrumbs, eggs. Combine then set aside.

2. Egg Wash: In a small bowl, add the egg yolk and milk and whisk. Set aside for later FOOL!

3. Throw some flour onto a flat surface and lay down the pastry. Cut each into even rectangular pieces

4. Grab a handful of the filling laying it in the centre of the pastry. We want to get as even spread of meat between the sheets. Start to distribute the meat from one end to the other forming a lean ‘log’. We don’t want it to be too thick. Repeat.

5. Fold both sides meeting at the top forming a log then take out that bowl of egg wash you set aside earlier and brush the pastry where they join to seal the deal , but don’t soak it ok…gaaashh.

6. Tear up some baking paper for the baking tray, lay down dem logs (sealed side down) then slice them into your desired sizes.

7. Brush with the remaining egg wash and sprinkle those sesame seeds like Mariah Carey did on American Idol!

8. Put em’ in the oven for 30 mins until golden brown.

You’ve been served!

Dip away into more of that Banana ketchup!

spicy sausage rolls with banana ketchup

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